Who We Are?

PM Oral Care Equipment and Materials Inc. operates in the professional machinery, equipment and supplies merchant wholesaling industry.

Under the management of Ms. Paria Mohammadinejad the company is specialized in providing dental equipment and supplies such as German-made dental implant systems to dental offices around the Greater Vancouver Area. The Company’s offices and distribution center is located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The company was incorporated on June 21, 2021, in British Columbia under incorporation number BC1311451, and is 100% owned by Ms. Mohammadinejad, who will actively manage the Company as the owner and the Executive Director.
The company positions itself as a reliable and solutions-based provider of new and used dental equipment and supplies. The Company aims to provide affordable and competitive dental implant systems of excellent quality that are currently not for sale in Canada. Our company is focused on German made

implants specifically, since Ms. Mohammidinejad is convinced of the quality as she has worked with the products for over 15 years. Here, the company intends to become the sole distributor of two German dental implant brands which currently don’t have a distributor in Canada. The company provides products and services tailored to meet the operational needs of the client at a competitive price point. These activities allow the company to further grow its operations in a sustainable manner.

We Offer You The Best Of Industry

We offer a wide range of dental implant equipment and supplies utilized in the field of dentistry. These equipment and supplies will enhance the appearance and efficiency of dental offices, provide comfort for their patients, and ultimately allow dental practitioners to deliver the best overall dental experience.

Find Out About Our Products

Surgical Instruments

We offer a wide range of surgical instruments to aid dental practitioners to perform a versatile range of dental implant procedures.

Sterilization Equipment

Sterilization equipment is vital to dental practice as it prevents the spread of infection. It helps make the cleaning process of dental tools as efficient and effective as possible.

German-Made Dental Implants

The key benefits of these implants in comparison to others are that the implants have better abutment connections and result in less cervical bone loss.